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Telecom networks are complex, as they are subject to multiple design constraints over multiple time periods. Capacity expansion, technology changes, market consolidation, and competitive dynamics require investment in multiple system and services to maximize network resources. This demands high maintenance strategies for MSP/CSP to assure availability.

Our network management platform uses Big Data from telecom operations to provide preventive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics enabling automation of services, as well as machine learning outcomes resulting in cognitive and self-healing networks.

Challenges Faced in Network Management

Network operations getting complicated due to frequently changing network and business needs.
Cloud based NFV and SDN making network management complicated and inefficient.
Lack of advanced solutions to effectively manage the rising number of MVNOs.
Rising cost of management of new and complex elements from multiple vendors.

How TeleDNA DELIVERS Business Value

Real-time monitoring for availability and performance.

Analytics to automate anomaly detection using statistical inference and machine learning.

Topology visualization, tracing of service health by mapping service transactions, and running diagnostics for service issue remediation.

Optimized usage of network resources.

Simplify Managed Services by leveraging application performance insights
and machine learning.
Want to manage your network better and smarter?