About Us

TeleDNA Communications Pvt. Ltd.

TeleDNA Communications was founded in 2000 by industry professionals with experience in global telecommunication enterprises. The vision of the founders was an agile company capable of rapid innovation in the fast changing telecom marketplace. True to the calling, TeleDNA was among the pioneers of MMSC and SMSC in the markets served since then. With the global development center in Bangalore, India, staffed by qualified and talented engineers, the company has prided itself in building carrier grade products with success in every deployment to date.
TeleDNA predominantly operates in telecom middleware and has built VAS solutions (including SMSC, MMSC, WAP Gateway, USSD, LBA, CBC, and Alert SMSC) with substantial presence with telecom operators in South Asia, and a growing footprint in South East Asia and Africa.


TeleDNA focused on the VAS (value added service) infrastructure space, and has built over 30 VAS products over the past 15 years. In 2008, TeleDNA attracted venture capital from Peepul Capital Advisors, a leading buy-out and private equity firm in India. This gave the company the capital to scale operations resulting in over 150 messaging solutions, licenses being sold and deployed in telcos globally. In 2010, the company was recognized as the “Emerging Indian VAS Infrastructure Provider” by the prestigious INFOCOM-CMAI National Telecom Awards.


TeleDNA has been committed to delivering high quality and performance products. Towards this, TeleDNA itself ensured that it is ISO 9000 certified and also a CMMI Level 3 company. TeleDNA products are built for demanding telco clients with sizes ranging from a few million to over 100 million subscribers in an operating company. Our messaging platforms have easily handled nearly a billion messages almost every year. Every deployment has been complex with each client infrastructure requiring significant last mile development. Yet the company has made a virtue out of these demands and has become highly agile and responsive to customer requirements and has built infrastructure software that has never seen any unforeseen customer downtime at any time ever!



We exist because of our customers. All our priorities start and end with our customer


We adapt to changing customer needs. We are efficient, lean, and quick. We innovate rapidly.


Our reputation is in our delivery. We ensure we meet every commitment we make to our customer.